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Business Listing Platform Project

What is included? 

Admin Portal

The admin portal will be the main administration section where all aspects of the platform will be managed. Business listings can be added, edited, deleted, or change it's status to active or not active. They can also manage which listing category they fall under. 

Business Portal

The business portal is a sub-portal from the admin portal where each business can manage its own listing in the platform.  Businesses can add all the elements required to build a profile of their business to showcase their business products/services. They can add and edit their listing, however, only admin can delete their listing. 

Front End

On the front end of this platform, consumers will see this as a website to search businesses, products and services, as well as promotional offers within the platform. This will be accessible via desktop and mobile. 




SSL Certificate

Mobile Optimization

Project Duration

This project will take 2 weeks to complete. Please be guided that balance due is not upon completion of the project, it is upon going live with the project. There is a 1 year (12 months) upon completion to go live with the project. 

Payment Options

The project cost is 1320USD for one year. 50% of the cost price is due to start the project and the balance due to go live. 

Online payment option

On the top right corner of this page provide PayPal payment and debit or credit card payment option. These payment options will charge maximum 660USD towards the project.

Bank Deposit

Payment can be made to CIBC

Account number 107019392

Account Holder Ronald Surage

What's Next?

Once the initial deposit is made, we will start the work on your project. 

Once the project is done, you will receive a link to view the project and request changes to the project. There is no limit to how many times you can request changes however, the request would need to be for features within your project budget. If it is not, we will notify you of that. 

Once you are pleased with your project and ready to go live, your project will be cleared from all demo data and published to the public. 

Total Cost of Project   

Paid (24/09/2020)

Balance due to go live with the project.





Due now. Payment links below will charge you for 660USD. 

Phase 1: Testing

Testing phase URL

Phase 1: Platform Add-ons

  • Custom Mailbox ( or whatever you want it to be

  • Bookings: this feature allows each vendor to accept bookings on the platform and manage bookings within their vendor dashboard.

  • Pricing Plans: the system currently is not set-up for online payment. However, I think it would be a great booking flow to accept purchases via the platform and then manage to accept offline payments. Thereafter you can place their listing as publish once payment is confirmed by you. This will prevent you from creating all these accounts for clients. They can create their listing and account then you approve upon payment. The plans details and pricing will be customized to your requirements. 

  • Live chat: this feature provides each vendor with a private chat option for clients to communicate directly with the vendor on their products and services within the platform. 

  • Add to favourite: this option allows vendors and consumers to add listings to their list of favourite business places. 

  • Share Listing: a social feature that will allow sharing of the listing to other social platforms.

  • Reviews: this was the first add-on I added. This allows consumers to leave a review under vendor listing. 

  • Video: A section for vendors to add a youtube or Vimeo video link

  • Listing FAQ: Apart from the general FAQ for the platform, each vendor can showcase their own list of FAQ pertaining to their business under their listings. 

  • Listing Owner Contact: Apart from live chat, consumers can leave a message for vendors who are not online to chat. 

  • Report Listing: this feature will help others report listings that are offensive and against your platform policies.

  • View counter: this is the little eye icon on all listings showing the number of times a listing was viewed. 

Total Cost of Add-ons 



Payment link below will charge you for 400USD. 

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