Advance SEO 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic and the purchase of paid placement.

Service Inclusions

Here is a list of all the services we will cover in advance SEO. Not all services may pertain to your specific situation. 

  • Customize Meta tags: meta tags for search engines and how they appear to visitors.

  • Set Canonical URLs: we define canonical tags to tell search engines which URLs are the master versions of your site pages and avoid issues with duplicate content.

  • Create SEO Patterns: we will build SEO-friendly tags and URLs with advanced patterns. 

  • 301 Redirect: ensure visitors land on the right page and maintain link equity when you need to permanently redirect one URL to another.

  • Appear as a rich result: we add structured data so Google can read and display your business info as a rich snippet.

  • Edit page info for Social: we personalize text and images you want displayed when site pages are shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

  • Social Bookmarks (up to 600 PR10-5): This is how to make your website and video go viral. Social Bookmarks/ Sginals is the routing of web traffic, when we post your link on social media, people start liking and sharing your content, that mean your website will get high quality traffic which improves your ranking very fast.

  • High PR Backlinks (up to 300): High-quality backlinks can help to increase a site’s ranking position and visibility in search engine results (SEO). We create a profile for you on 150+ high Page Rank blogs, and add a link to your website in each profile. These high PR backlinks are permanent and are never removed. After we add these links you start seeing new backlinks within a few days, and the amount of links will steadily increase during next 1-2 months.

  • Directory Submissions (up to 3000): With thousands of directories available on the Internet it is not easy to go through each of them and check their quality. We  identify the relevant directories that can boost up your website’s performance.Get listed on up to 3,000 directories worldwide.


If I purchase now, what will I be charged for?

You will be charged $1600 monthly for Advance SEO set-up and maintenance for the duration you have paid. 

Is this service available to websites done outside of SUR?

No, it is not. This service is an add-on option for SUR Design Studio clients. 

Am I guaranteed to get sales?

None of our services guarantee a client will buy. We can only bring them to your site, we cannot force their hand to buy. With services like our Contact manager, there are features that will allow you can your team to engage with web site visits to assist them in making purchase decisions. 

What does SEO help with?

Let's look at Search engines and social platforms as the busy cities of the internet. Advance SEO helps you get found in those busy cities to help push some of that traffic to your digital storefront organically. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can. 


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